GoodBye from Velocity Cycling Indoors

It is with a heavy heart we are sorry to say Velocity will not return as you knew it. We have sold the bikes at a fraction of their cost to a bulk equipment purchaser is MA. We simply do not have the capital to reconstruct our beloved cycling studio. Please stay active and healthy and THANK-YOU for being part of our passion for the past 6 years.

Why Velocity?

Here's a small taste of what we offer

Motivating Coaches

Tone and strengthen your upper and lower body by engaging more muscles than you would on a traditional indoor bike. Activate your core the entire time you ride. Burn 20-30% more calories

Revolutionary Bikes

Come see what it's like to ride the "un-stationary" bike that tilts, turns, leans and like no ordinary stationary bike. Because of the articulating frame there is zero stress on your body

Welcoming Environment

Overcome boredom with a fun and dynamic riding experience. Book your class in advance online to reserve your spot in class. Flexible pay-per-class or monthly unlimited

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  • Jill... "Fun atmosphere,made me feel not like an idiot when I couldnt get my shoes to clip and let me go at my own pace"
  • Jennifer... "Everything! Friendly, experienced staff, a clean facility AND a great product. Thanks!"
  • Lisa J... "Ran 8.5 miles yesterday and breathed easy (and could have ran another 8.5) because of the amazing conditioning and training Velocity provides!! Road race season is going to be awesome this year thanks to the amazing staff and high energy classes!!! Woohoo!"
  • Bob... "Great location; Great setup; Friendly staff; Awesome equipment;"
  • George... "Friendly, accommodating and very well run sessions! It makes for a great workout!!!"
  • Lauren... "It's a great workout! The instructors push you to your limit, but do not shame you if you need to take it down a notch either."


Velocity is the first indoor cycling studio in New Hampshire to make exclusive use of the revolutionary RealRyderâ„¢ bikes. They are the only unstationary bikes in the world that allow riders to bank (lean) into a turn. As a result the workouts are more dynamic, intense and incorporate more muscle groups during a traditional indoor cycling (spin) bike. Athletes that burn 600 calories on a typical spin bike will burn 900 calories in the same time frame on the RealRyder.
People of all fitness levels can take a Velocity class. Although our coaches will encourage you to give it your all, the intensity of the workout depends on how much you push yourself. Please let your coach know of any specific health or fitness issues you may have before the ride begins. As always if you have any existing medical conditions that concern you, check with physician before starting any new fitness activity.
No Not at the moment. Reach out via email lisa @ to find out about our Velocity Group Classes for clubs, sports teams and corporations.
Scroll to the top of the page and choose "Book A Ryde" you will be taken to a secure site. Enter the requested information and then choose the package or series which fits your budget. Our Xpress Rydes do not require prepayment only an account creation and a bike reservation.
You can wear your regular gym gear but for maximum comfort a tight fitting bike short is great. You can wear your regular exercise pants if you wish and a limited number of gel seat covers are available at the studio to help keep your ride as comfortable as possible. Also try to wear a top made with a quick drying fabric. Bike apparel is made specifically for this. You may wear your regular exercise shoes, preferably with stiff bottoms but we recommend you wear an SPD cleat bike shoe that clips directly into the pedal. We offer regular Shimano bike clip-in shoes in many different sizes that are free for you to use.
Velocity pretty much supplies everything you may need. Towels, water, and biking shoes are available in the studio (Please bring your own water bottle). We normally have free snacks available after class. We have bathrooms and changing areas but we do not have showers.

Stuck? We're here to help.

Shoot us an email

Message us on Facebook or through Google+ or email us directly: lisa at We'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Give us a ring

Having trouble booking a Ryde?? Give us a call at We'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

Our pricing plans

We've done our best to create a variety of pricing plans to suit everyone's needs. Be sure to check back here for seasonal Promotions and Discounts!

RydesStarting From $6.97
Pay by the Ryde
  • Drop-In $15.00
  • 2 Rydes ($11.00/Ryde) $22
  • 6 Rydes ($10.33/Ryde) $62
  • 10 Rydes ($9.90/Ryde) $99
  • 20 Rydes ($8.45/Ryde) $169
  • 40 Rydes ($6.97/Ryde) $279
  • Call for Student and Teacher Discounts
See Belowper month
Unlimited Rydes
  • Never miss a class!
  • Covers every class on the schedule
  • Combine an XPress class with a Ryder class
  • Special promos and giveaways
  • Price locked in
  • Please take advantage of our no committment unlimited rydes offer.

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